Women's Health Care Rights in Jeopardy

How little the legislature has learned about openness and transparency in the past nine and a half years.

As a member of the House Health Committee, I was forced yesterday by the Republican majority to vote on legislation that would significantly impact a women’s right to consult with her doctor and make her own health-care choices (H.B. 1948). I am against this legislation because I believe the legislature has no business coming between a woman and her doctor and the personal decisions she must make with the unique circumstances she is facing.   

Equally aggravating is to see the bill fast-tracked to the full House without the benefit of public hearings and input from the medical community or from patients who might be affected by it. Many of us tried to postpone the vote so public hearings could be held.

I spoke about this abomination in the process and invite you to watch what I said about how we should be conducting legislative business on behalf of the people we represent, especially on issues of such great impact. 

I hear this legislation may be considered by the full House as early as tomorrow. I plan to fight this anti-choice, anti-women legislation to the end.