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Mike's Priorities

Government Reform

Mike is determined to make state government more transparent, pass real campaign finance reform, and create a reapportionment process that produces a legislative body that represents all of us--not just the special interests.


As a fierce proponent of public education, Mike is fighting to fully fund our public schools by restoring the Corbett education cuts, to provide full-day kindergarten, and to allow for smaller class sizes. He is leading the effort to address the issue of crushing student loan debt faced by so many of our young adults.

Equal Rights

From voting rights, to women's health, to LGBT equality, Mike is an advocate for all of us in Harrisburg and will continue to fight Republican policy designed to divide us.

The 175th Legislative District

The 175th District is made up of neighbohoods along the central Delaware River waterfront including Penn's Landing, Queen Villiage, Society Hill, Old City, Chinatown, Callowhill, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, and Kensington.

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Mike is proud of the work he has done fighting progressive fights along side neighborhood groups, civic organization, and progressive activists from across the district. Click here to see who has endorsed Mike for re-election.